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Authentic Movement

Authentic Movement is a deceptively simple and yet profoundly deep practice which implements the wisdom of the physical body as a vehicle for inner knowing. In an Authentic Movement session, the mover, with closed eyes, tunes into their body, their inner impulse, and their psyche as experienced through physicality. The mover then allows the body to express these impulses though movement. The body is a vast repository for memory and wisdom which cannot be accessed any other way. This practice, which is done in the presence of a witness, can heal the embodiment of trauma, can facilitate deep creativity, can facilitate accessing profound states of inner guidance and consciousness.  Through this practice, the development of the “inner witness” can occur.  A profound inner acceptance and compassion for oneself and for others takes root and grows.  This acceptance and compassion and self knowing can move far beyond the studio into all aspects of living.  I speak about this in my book White Stones, Bones and Mist: Authentic Movement, Prayers and Life.



Types of Sessions

  • Individual Sessions

  • Group Sessions

  • Couples Sessions

  • Specialized Sessions (e.g., people dealing with cancer, life threatening illnesses)

  • Workshops in the US and UK

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