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Sound Healing


Sound, from music to the sound of rain, drumming, breathing, toning, words, has a powerful affect on our well-being.  With the ability to directly affect the resonance of the bodymindspirit, sound is a profound force of healing.

We perceive sound with our ears but also with our entire bodies. Sound is vibration and we are vibratory bundles of energy, living and breathing and working and loving. We are continually affected by the sounds we absorb in both positive and negative ways.

Through the use of voice, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, words, drum, gong and more, I connect with the current resonance of a client’s bodymindspirit and the issue or intention they are dealing with. Through sound, I help to create a healing resonant field around and through them.

As sound intermingles with the bodymindspirit, the resonant intelligence of the organism receives and integrates the healing sound in exactly the places, ways and proportions that are needed. It is not an experience of the logical mind but of the deeply intuitive body.

Sound Healing is effective for physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual healing. Sessions can be conducted in person and in some circumstances, over the phone, Skype and through distance sessions.

On the Winter Solstice and occasionally at other times as well, I hold sound ceremonies for the general public using the gong and other sound instruments.

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