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Trager® Movement Education and MindBody Integration


How would it feel to be at peace in your body? Light? Soft? Spacious? To be at peace in your body, to let it be: Trager® Movement work teaches this. Trager® is a light, gentle yet surprisingly deep form of bodywork. Through gentle, rhythmic movement, a client’s physical and emotional tension and the body’s corresponding holding patterns are discovered and released. The result is a light easy body, an open mind, the experience of natural freedom and deep peace. Tension is created in the mind and manifested in the body. A Trager® session leaves you with a whole new experience of what it feels like to be embodied.

Because of its gentle depth, I have found it to be nourishing and comforting to people right up to the end of their lives. For people who have experienced abuse, this form of bodywork allows the recipient to open up, trust and experience softness, kindness and peace.

Because of the deep meditative state which is accessed through this work, Trager® can be beneficial for individuals facing stress of any kind. Trager® teaches a way to approach whatever you are facing with openness, lightness and curiosity. Trager®’s effectiveness ranges from athletes, performers and musicians who seek peak performance, to people experiencing chronic or acute aches and pains to the severely disabled and ill.

Trager® is done on a massage table and can be done partially or fully clothed. No oils or lotions are used. Simple self movements called Mentastics®, which is a term coined by Milton Trager meaning mental gymnastics, can be taught as a way to take the work out into your life.

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