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Ceremonial Films

During the time of the pandemic, one of the doorways that opened for me is the creation of ceremonial films, meditations and other offerings. As we experienced separation in various ways, I turned towards films and recordings to reach people I would normally connect with in person. This began with the Winter Solstice Gong Ceremony and Meditation which is an event I have been offering for about 9 years.

In 2020, the in-person gathering was impossible, so I decided to experiment with recording the Gong Meditation. From there, I was inspired to offer a whole year of creations centered around the Solstice and Equinox. This is an ongoing project which will run the duration of one year.

There is another film offering called Forget Me Not which is a film where I provided the ceremonial sound. The film was created during May 2020 as a response to the various ways in which we were being distanced. You can access the films here. All of the films and recordings are best received while using headphones of some kind and being in a quiet undisturbed space. All of the films were produced by master film maker Andreas John,

Winter Solstice Gong Ceremony

Winter Solstice

Spring Equinox

Summer Solstice

Fall Equinox

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