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Family Constellations: a Remembering of the Family Soul


Family Constellations: Releasing Inherited Dynamics that underlie Depression, Anxieties, Addictions, Lack of Joy.

Family Constellations is an energetic remembering of the Family Soul. Bert Hellinger, the originator, observed what he called the “orders of love” and the presence of the Family Soul.  According to biologist Rupert Sheldrake, the morphogenic field, a conscious field of energy connects all members of groups, families, nations. This field holds all of the memories and energetic patterns that have occurred: the remembered and the forgotten, the deeply cherished and the excluded.

In families, when a person has lost their place of belonging for any reason, it creates a disruption in the flow of love. Miscarried or aborted children are often forgotten. An untimely or painful death, a suicide, can exclude a family member. An alcoholic or drug dependent person is often excluded, or a person who commits a crime or shames the family in any way. When there is a disruption in the flow of love, the resources that are part of the family do not flow, cannot be given. This may show up one, two or more generations down the family line in an attempt to be remembered and included, integrated. It can manifest through unexplained illness, depression, addiction, failure to succeed in life, unhappy relationships.

Often this work is done in a group.  In this work, the person whose constellation is being presented chooses group members to step in as representatives for family members. The representatives will often feel the emotions, body sensations and conflicts of the people they are representing. The facilitator works with the group to discover what has been hidden or blocked and to restore love and inclusiveness where it has been disrupted. Through this process, a clearing,  a new picture and restored energy often emerge. All participants benefit, both representatives and people presenting.

The work is deep and embodied and can be energetically and emotionally rigorous. Constellation work can also be done in an individual session, in person or through Skype.
I also offer constellation workshops which focus on social and global issues.

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