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Ceremony & Workshop Intensives


I periodically facilitate ceremony in relationship to the Earth cycles and Earth needs. These are sometimes sound based ceremonies, sometimes movement based and more. In special circumstances, I am also open to faciltating ceremony for End of Life circumstances.


I also offer workshops and intensives in Authentic Movement and Family Constellations.


As I listen carefully in prayer, sometimes I am deeply called through these prayers by the Earth, by aspects of Humanity, by certain people to engage in ceremony. These ceremonies are created by the moment, by the call, by the need expressed. Sometimes they are created around sound transmissions through sound ceremony with the Gong, crystal singing bowls, chimes, voice and more. Sometimes they are created around movement. For these ceremonies, I often will put out a call for people to join and gather.

 If I am working with a person at the end of their life, the ceremony will be completely dependent upon the individual and their needs for completion. 

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