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Session Information

In a session, I draw from a vast body of knowledge, skills, experience, training, a deeply developed intuition, and an attunement of hearts. I carefully listen to your story, your words and language.  How you describe what concerns you is as important as what you describe.  I find that often language connects us to the very center of what we are trying to express and deep listening can discern this.

I observe your energy, your body and feel into how your story, your issue, your dream, your discomfort or your peace is living and manifesting through your body. Through my intuition, my heart and my hands, I tune into the living energy, the resonance of the bodymindspirit.  Depending upon the focus or need articulated, I draw from everything I know to facilitate positive change.

Some sessions may utilize a lot of sound, some sessions may be gentle, deep Trager® based sessions. Some sessions may be highly emotional and cathartic, some may be energetically connecting clients to very altered states of consciousness and knowing, some may be movement based.  All have the focus and intention of bringing about greater wholeness of oneself as a human being, an attainment to one’s path and essential self.

Post Session Self Care

  • Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.

  • Eat Protein (a handful of almonds is sufficient) to help your body to build new neural pathways.

  • Many people benefit from quiet time after a session and journaling or walking in nature. It is best to allow time for integration if possible.

  • After some sessions, I suggest homework. Find a way to incorporate the homework into your daily life.

Authentic Movement


Authentic Movement is a simple yet deep practice which implements the wisdom of the physical body as a vehicle for inner knowing. As a result, profound inner acceptance and compassion for oneself and for others takes root and grows.

Energy Work


Energy Work can identify and release stressors that have been experienced and internalized and have become part of patterned behavior. The result is freedom from the stressor and the ability to make different choices in your life.

Sound Healing


Sound, from music to the sound of rain, drumming, breathing, toning, words, has a powerful affect on our well-being. Sound Healing is effective for physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual healing.

Trager® Movement Education


How would it feel to be at peace in your body? Light? Soft? Spacious? To be at peace in your body, to let it be: Trager® Movement work teaches this.

Family Constellations


Family Constellations workshops help release the inherited dynamics that underlie depression, anxieties, addictions & lack of joy.

Neuroptimal Neurofeedback


Unlike other neurofeedback systems, NeurOptimal® is designed to focus on the central nervous system – the hub of all functions in the human body.

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