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Beyond the Eclipse

Painting by Jan Sandman 2024

And now...we are moving forward in a way that feels to me as though we have gathered into the core of our beings, something essential, light filled, sustaining, nourishing and real. The heavens showed us something , opened the curtain by closing it and reopening again. No one can really describe what has happened and yet, we all know something did. It is refreshing to be in the presence of a state of being that we cannot place words upon, cannot describe. It calls forward humility in the face of natural wonders.

We live in and with natural wonders. We are natural wonders living amongst each other. What if we could behold each other as such? Behold with wordlessness and reverence the wonder that we all are. And be beheld in such a way. I am holding this possibility like a gentle flame in my heart.

In March, a beautiful gathering of people came together for a Family Constellation workshop. I can describe the nuts and bolts of what happens in these gatherings but I cannot describe the magic, the numinous quality, the ancestral and spiritual threads that are reworked and rewoven and what it feels like for an ancient entanglement to be freed, what it feels like for dry aching heart to be suddenly washed in love. Although I cannot at this moment remember the source, I read a beautiful article about the generosity of being a representative, about how unique it is to truly step into the shoes, the field, the living situation of another human being who is unlike yourself. It creates a physical, emotional and spiritual understanding of a slice of life that one would otherwise not have. It creates understanding, compassion, resonance. It expands us.

I am offering another Family Constellation Workshop on Saturday May 25, 2024 from 1:00-5:00 in Montpelier. RSVP to the Event on my website or contact me directly to either participate as a representative or to present your constellation.

Love in the deep complexity of this time,


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