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Breathing in the Light

As February unfolds, morning light, evening light begins working itself into the edges of our days. Still cold, still winter-- but now bright, with the promise of more to come. I have been quite busy with creative undertakings this fall and winter that are coming to completion this spring. To be engaged with Creating on any level, from the most obvious to the most subtle is an affirmation of life itself, a movement of hope and faith, an act of bringing forward that which is new, as yet untested, unfettered by habit or pattern.

Evan Premo, of Scrag Mountain, composed a beautiful piece of music inspired by one of my paintings, Inside the Breath, which will be performed on Friday March 8 in Montpelier and Saturday March 9 in Waitsfield. CLICK HERE for more information.

Filmmaker Andreas John, Composer/Musician Evan Premo, and I have been immersed in creating a film entitled "The Space Between". The film invites the viewer to enter into the mysterious interweaving of three artists working with the unnamable essence of the Creative process. The creation of this film has been indescribably mysterious and surprisingly joyful. It is a treasure to watch the process unfold. The film experience will premiere on March 14 at the Green Mountain Film Festival Gala opening. CLICK HERE to stay up to date with the Green Mountain Film Festival. Once the Gala is announced I will share more information.

At the beginning of February, I hosted a Family Constellation workshop, which was attended by a group of people coming together with open hearts and open attention. We moved deeply complex family challenges with attentive caring and love. In the process, virtual strangers come together and leave connected with tender real bonds and a deep understanding of each other. The Family Constellation work never ceases to amaze me. Each participant receives on profound levels. It doesn't matter if you have participated many times or if it is your first time, you will leave changed by the work.

I am offering another Family Constellation workshop on Saturday March 30 from 1-5 in Montpelier. Please email me or text me to register or if you have questions. Here is the link to the event.

Wishing you all joy as the Light continues to return.

Breathing in the Light,


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