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Harmony Beyond Boundaries

As this year draws to a close, I am filled with gratitude, waves and waves of love and a deep tenderness of heart. I, as many of you, have witnessed and experienced oceanic experiences this year . Over and over, I am surprised by actions of Humanity, actions of Nature, actions of Grace. What I find is that the steadiness required to navigate the unfolding of life before me, on all levels, personal, collective, universal,

continues to send me deeper into the realm of faith, trust and love. There is nowhere else to go that is adequate to comprehensively address the complexity of Life around us.

When my daughter was born, over 30 years ago, and I was leaning in to what it meant to be a Mother, I remember the intensity of it showed me how to become deeply grounded, to grow unshakable roots as I simultaneously remained in the Web of the Heavens. It was a spiritual training like no other.

Now I find myself in a comparable but greatly expanded place. To remain steadfast and clear, grounded and in the Web of the Heavens as Woman and Mother to the currents of change as Humanity's Heart and Consciousness, Nature, the Earth herself and the Cosmos unfold the dance that is before us.

Love, Faith and Trust in the deepest sense continues to be the answer for me. I have been working so deeply with Harmony. Harmony in relationships, Harmony in all levels of my work, literal Harmony, conceptual Harmony, mystical Harmony. Last week, the phrase, Harmony Beyond Boundaries, drifted into me. The idea, prayer and reality that harmonics, which are without boundaries, are a path forward addressing everything is guiding me. I am following this path.

I am offering a Family Constellation workshop on Saturday February 3. in Montpelier. The details will be sent out in a few days. In the meantime, I wish you all Beauty in the depth of this magnificent season.

I wish you Harmony Beyond Boundaries.

With Love,


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